A hardier variety of the human race, barbarians inhabit the cold and rugged northlands. Their city of Halas is located in the mountains of Everfrost. Though referred to as barbarians by the rest of the world, these proud people refer to themselves as "Northmen." Because of their harsh environment and warlike culture, they are well suited to being warriors. They are generally unwashed and rugged, possessing very few social graces. Barbarians take great pride in clan lineage, and eating, drinking, and battle are their preferred pastimes.

Although the vast majority of barbarians become warriors for the great honor this will bring to their clans, some feel the mystical call to serve as clan shamans, lending their magical abilities to further their clan's standing. Yet, there is one more class that a barbarian may become, and that is the class of the rogue. Barbarian rogues are usually loners who have decided to bring their clan honor through less respectable methods. Achieving honor is what is important, not how it is achieved.

No matter their chosen profession, barbarians are a force to be reckoned with. The very love they have for a fight is what makes them a true danger. While most barbarians worship the Tribunal, some may also choose to swear fealty to Bristlebane or Rallos Zek.

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