Bard Songs
Song Name Song Description Era Level
Chant of Battle Party: Increase AC, Str, Dex 1
Chords of Dissonance AE: DoT 2
Jaxan's Jig of Vigor Party: Stamina Regeneration 3
Lyssa's Locating Lyric Corpse Location Song 4
Selo's Accelerando Party: Increased Movement Rate 5
Hymn of Restoration Party: Heal 6
Jonathan's Whistling Warsong Self: Haste, Str, AC 7
Kelin's Lugubrious Lament Target: Lull 8
Elemental Rhythms Party: Increase MR, FR, CR, AC 9
Anthem De Arms Party: Haste, Strength 10
Cinda's Charismatic Carillon Target: Improve Faction 11
Brusco's Boastful Bellow Target: Direct Damage 12
Purifying Rhythms Party: Increase MR, PR, DR, AC 13
Lyssa's Cataloging Libretto Target: Identify 14
Kellin's Lucid Lullaby AE: Enthrall 15
Tarew's Aquatic Ayre Party: Enduring Breath 16
Guardian Rhythmns Party: Increase MR, AC 17
Denon's Disruptive Discord AE: DoT, Lower AC 18
Shauri's Sonorous Clouding Party: Invisibility and See Invisibility 19
Largo's Melodic Binding AE: Slow, Lower AC 20
Cassindra's Chant of Clarity Group Mana Regeneration Song 20
Melanie's Mellifluous Motion Party: Short Range Teleport 21
Alenia's Disenchanting Melody Party: Cancel Magic 22
Selo's Consonant Chain Target: Slow Movement, Attack 23
Lyssa's Veracious Concord Party: See Invis, Ultravision 24
Psalm of Warmth Party: Increase CR, Dmg Shield 25
Angstlich's Appalling Screech AE: Fear 26
Solon's Song of the Sirens Target: Charm NPC 27
Crission's Pixie Strike Target: Mesmerise, Lower MR 28
Psalm of Vitality Party: Increase DR 29
Fufil's Curtailing Chant Target: DoT, Reduce MR and AC 30
Agilmente's Aria of Eagles Party: Levitation 31
Cassindra's Chorus of Clarity Party: Mana Restoration 32
Psalm of Cooling Party: Increase FR, Dmg Shield 33
Lyssa's Solidarity of Vision Target: Bind Sight 34
Cantana of Soothing Party: Heal, Mana, and Stamina Regeneration Vel. 34
Denon's Dissension Target: Mana Drain 35
Vilia's Verses of Celerity Party: Haste, Agility 36
Psalm of Purity Party: Increase PR, AC 37
Spell Tuyen's Chant of Flame Tuyen's Chant of Flame Target: DoT, Lower FR. 38
Solon's Bewitching Bravura Target: Charm 39
Syvelian's Anti-Magic Aria Target: Cancel Magic 40
Psalm of Mystic Shielding Party: Increase Magic Resist, Hit Points, Armor Class 41
McVaxius Berserker Crescendo Party: Haste, Strength 42
Denon's Desparate Dirge AE: DD 43
Cassindra's Elegy Party: Increase Wis, Int 44
Jonthan's Provocation Target: Haste, Strength, Absorb Dmg Shield, ATK 45
Tuyen’s Chant of Frost Target: DoT, Lower CR 46
Niv's Melody of Preservation Group: Increase Str and Atk, Heal, Absorb Spell Dmg 47
Selo's Chords of Cessation AE: DoT, Slow 48
Shield of Song Group Damage Absorption (Max: 20 per tick) 49
Verses of Victory Party: Haste, Str, Agi Kun. 50
Melody of Ervaj Group Haste Buff Vel. 50
Selo's Song of Travel Party: Increase Movement Speed, Invisibility, See Invisible, Levitate Kun. 51
Largo's Absonant Binding Target: Decrease AC, Attack Speed, Movement, Agility Kun. 51
Nillipus' March of the Wee Party: AC, Agility, Absorb Damage Kun. 52
Song of Twilight Target: Mesmerize, Decrease MR Kun. 53
Song of Dawn Target Lowers Agro List Kun. 53
Vilia's Chorus of Celerity Party: Haste Kun. 54
Selo's Assonant Strane AE: Slow Movement, Attack Kun. 54
Cantana of Replenishment Party: Heal, Mana, and Stamina Regeneration Kun. 55
Brusco's Bombastic Bellow Target: Stun, Direct Damage Kun. 55
Occlusion of Sound Single Target Unresistable Resistance Debuffer Vel. 55
Song of Highsun Target: Stun, Cancel Magic, Shadow Step Kun. 56
Song of Midnight Target: Fear, Increase Movement, Direct Damage Kun. 56
Mcvaxius' Rousing Rondo Party: Haste, Strength, ATK, Damage Shield Kun. 57
Cassindra's Insipid Ditty Target: Decrease Mana, Int, Wis Kun. 57
Niv's Harmonic Party: AC Kun. 58
Jonthan's Inspiration Self: Haste, Strength, Absorb Dmg Shield, ATK Kun. 58
Denon's Bereavement AE: Poison, DD, Stun, Decrease MR Kun. 59
Solon's Charismatic Concord Party: Charisma Kun. 59
Kazumi's Note of Preservation Party: Divine Aura Kun. 60
Angstlich's Assonance Target: Decrease Attack Speed, DoT Kun. 60
Composition of Ervaj Drain Mana From Target (Max: 350) Vel. 60
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