Dark Elf


Dark elves (also known as the Teir'Dal) are the evil brethren of the woodland and high elves. Their skin is bluish-black, their hair white, and they share the pointed ears and sharp features of their elven relatives. Due to their life under the earth and dedication to evil gods, they have excellent vision in the dark.

Dark elves are a race filled with hate, created by Innoruuk, the God of Hate himself. They hate all other races, and even their fellow Teir`Dal. Their sole motivation is to please Innoruuk. They will lend aid to one another, but only for their own selfish reasons. "I will help you now to use you later," is a common sentiment.

Being of the elven race, the Teir`Dal have a natural magical ability. This is evident in the professions of enchanter, magician, wizard, and necromancer. With their devotion to Innoruuk, they may also serve him as clerics. For those Teir`Dal who desire to spread hate and death in other ways, they may choose to become rogues, warriors, or shadowknights.

The dark elves generally follow deities of a dark nature, such as Innoruuk (their creator) or Solusek Ro. Some warriors are faithful to Rallos Zek, however, while rogues have a natural affinity for Bristlebane.

Available Clases

Shadow Knight

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