In addition to the many automatic skills and abilities that characters receive, melee and hybrid classes have player-controlled fighting disciplines. The disciplines apply to warriors, monks, rogues, rangers, shadow knights, paladins and bards.

Disciplines are activated using the /discipline command on the command line, and have a duration and base reuse time associated with them.

You cannot use any other discipline until the reuse time of the last-used discipline has expired. In other words, if a Discipline has a re-use time of one hour, then once you have used that discipline you cannot use any other discipline for one hour. You can type /discipline on the command line to view the disciplines available to you, as well as the amount of time before you can use another one.

Some disciplines, particularly the ones with long durations, have a disadvantage in addition to the advantage provided by the discipline. In all cases where this happens, the disadvantage is less severe than the advantage. For instance, where the Evasive Discipline allows a warrior to be hit by his opponent less by a factor of 35%, the warrior will also hit his target less, but only by a factor of 15%. Verant has stated that, in the interest of exploration, further formulae will not be provided.

If you know in advance the discipline you wish to use, it is advised that you assign it to a hot-key. This especially applies to those short-duration disciplines designed for the most critical moments in combat.

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