Nature is a druid's ally. Druids are in tune with nature; thus, their magics are nature based, drawing from the spiritual forces of both plants and animals. Whether calling forth roots to entangle an enemy, or using nature's life-giving essence to heal themselves or others, druids are the masters and servants of Nature. The dedication necessary to become a druid is great; druids can only be found among the half elf, halfling, human and wood elf races.

Druids have a love for all animals, but that does not mean all animals love druids. Although a druid will do what he or she can to avoid harming one of nature's beasts, many animals see a druid as just another source of food. This is no reflection of the piety of the druid, mind you, but rather of the simple minds of beasts. Druids, like shamans, have the ability to aid others in many ways, making both desirable members in hunting parties.

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