Dwarves are short but extremely strong (much more so than humans) and dexterous. They appear to be small, burly humans, and males are never seen without beards and mustaches. Of course, dwarves do not see their lack of physical height as a disadvantage. To them, it is simply the way of things. Besides, it is just as satisfying to break kneecaps as it is to break noses.

Dwarves believe in many different things, and each is willing to die for their beliefs. One thing all dwarves share is a common belief in good, strong ale. It would not be strange to witness a dwarf in battle, a weapon in one hand and a frothing mug in the other. To better serve their dwarven patrons, taverns across the lands have specially constructed stools that can take a beating. The innate infravision of the dwarves allows them to see if a mug is half-empty or half-full in even the darkest of rooms. For the safety of those around, the mug better be half nothing and always full!

Dwarves have such a neutral character that even the Teir`Dal will allow them into Neriak, to a point. Of their professions, dwarves may choose to serve their god as clerics, take on the mantles of paladins, harry the enemy as warriors, or pursue the refined arts of the rogue.

The faith of dwarves lies mainly in Brell Serilis, the Duke of Underfoot, but some also serve Bristlebane.

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