Faction List
Agents of Mistmoore Allize Tae Ew
Allize Vol Ew Anti-Mage
Antonious Bayle Arcane Scientists
Ashen Order Aviak
Banker Befallen Inhabitants
Beta Neutal Bloodgills
Bloodsabers Broken Skull Clan
Brood of Di'Zok Brood Of Kitoz
Brownie Burynai Legion
Butcherblock Bandits Cabilis Residents
Carson McCabe Cazic'Thule
Chetari Circle of Unseen Hands
Citizens Of Qeynos Clan of Runny Eye
Claws Of Veeshan Cleaving Tooth Clan
Clerics of Tunare Clerics of Underfoot
Clockwork Gnome Clurg
Coalition of Tradefolk Coldain
Commons Residents Corrupt Qeynos Guards
Craftkeepers Craknek Warriors
Crimson Hands Crusaders Of Geenmist
Crushbone Orcs Da Bashers
Dain Frostreaver IV Dark Bargainers
Dark Ones Dark Reflection
Deathfist Orcs Deep Muses
Deeppockets Deepwater Knights
Defective Clockwork Dervish Cutthroats
Dismal Rage Donovon
Drafling Dread Guard Inner
Dread Guard Outer Drusella Sathir
Ebon Mask Eldritch Collective
Emerald Warriors Faerie
Faydark Champions Firiona Vie
Fizzlethorp Freeport Militia
Frogloks of Guk Frogloks of Kunark
Fungus Man Gate Keepers
Gatecallers Gelistial
Gemchoppers Geonid Collective
Ghouls of Neriak Gnarled Fist Clan
Goblin Goblins of Fire Peak
Greenblood Knights Grobb Guard
Guardians of the Vale Guards of Qeynos
Hall of The Ebon Mask Heretics
High Counsel of Erudin High Guards of Erudin
HighHold Citizens HighHold Merchants
Highpass Guards Holgresh
Horde Of Xalgoz Indigo Brotherhood
Inhabititants Of Hate Innoruuk
Jagged Pine Treefolk Kaladim Merchants
Kane Bayle Karana Bandits
Karana Residents Kazon Stormhammer
Keepers of the Art Kelethin Merchants
Kerra Isle King Ak`Anon
King Aythox Thex King Naythorne Thex
King Tearis Thex King Tormax
KingXorbb Kithicor Residents
Kly of Dalnir Knights of Thunder
Knights of Truth Kobolds of Fire Pit
Krag Kromdek
Kromdul Kromrif
Kromzek Kunark Fire Giants
League Of Antonican Bards Legion of Cabilis
Lithiniath Mayong Mistmoore
Mayor Gubbin Meldrath
Merchants of Ak`Anon Merchants of Erudin
Merchants of Felwithe Merchants of Halas
Merchants of Highpass Merchants of Kaladim
Merchants of Qeynos Merchants of Rivervale
Miners Guild 249 Miners Guild 628
Minion of Scale Minions of Underfoot
Miragul Mountain Death Clan
Mucktail Gnolls Nagafen
Najena Neriak Ogres
Neriak Trolls Oggok Guards
Ogre Guard Opal Darkbriar
Orc Order of Three
Pack of Tomor Paebala
Peacekeepers Phingel Atropos
Pickclaw Goblins Pirates of Gunthak
Pirates of Iceclad Pixie
Prexus Priests of Innoruk
Priests of Life Priests of Marr
Priests of Mischief Priests of Nagafen
Protectors of the Pine Qeynos Citizens
QRG Protected Animals Queen Cristanos Thex
Residents Of Karanas Ring of Scale
Riptide Goblins Rogues of the White Rose
Root of Innuruuk Rygorr Clan Snow Orcs
Sabertooths of Blackburrow Sarnak Collective
Scaled Mystics Scouts Of Tunare
Servants Of Tunare Shadowed Men
ShadowKnights of Nightkeep Shamen of Justice
Shamen of War Shield of Words
Shralok Orcs Shrieking Howl
Silent Fist Clan Sirens of the Grotto
Skytalons Soldiers of Tunare
Solusek Mining Co Split Paw Clan
Splitpaw Gnolls Steel Warriors
Stone Hive Bixies Storm Guard
Storm Reapers Swifttails
Temple of Life Temple of Solusek Ro
The Dead The Forsaken
The Spurned TheHotWingz
Thrall of Kly Thunder Hooves
Trakanon Truespirit
Tserrina Syl Tor Tunare's Scouts
Tunarean Court Undead Froglok's of Guk
Undead of Kithicor Unkempt druids
Unrest Inhabitants Venril Sathir
Verishe Mal Vox
Werewolf Wolves of the North
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