Halflings are stocky little people who resemble humans, but are much more agile, dexterous, and light of foot than those clumsy humans. Halflings hail from Rivervale, a quiet little hamlet smack dab in the center of Antonica. Their mischievous, jovial natures make them fun people to be around. Male halflings take great pride in their foot hair and strive to ensure that each hair is properly groomed.

Possessing naturally high dexterity and agility, halflings are viewed as quick little fellows who smile a lot. They have a love of travel, and their professions of cleric, druid, rogue, and warrior lead them on many an adventure. With their innate ability to hide, halflings make great pranksters, sneaking up on an unsuspecting victim and poking them, causing a bladder-loosening scream.

All is not fun and games for halflings, however. They take the encroaching goblin horde as a serious threat and defend Rivervale and Misty Thicket with all of their might.

Most halflings worship Bristlebane or Brell Serilis, unless they have chosen the druidic or warrior life. Halfling druids follow the call of Karana the Rainkeeper, and warriors swear to Rallos Zek the Warlord.

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