High Elf


Also known as the Koada'Dal, the high elves are much more intellectual than their woodland kin, and are the "royalty" of the elven races (with the exception of their dark brethren). They share the elfin features of their woodland kin, but are taller, and paler in skin.

High elves are very much like the Erudites in their belief that manual labor is beneath them. Sweat and dirt do not combine well with the finicky high elf personality. They prefer the use of magic to muscle. They are a highly intelligent race, which is reflected in their choice of many magic-using professions. For the devout, there is the path of cleric. For the righteous soldier, the path of the paladin is a logical choice. Enchanters, wizards, and magicians hold high places within the ranks of the high elves.

Even though high elves consider themselves the royalty of the elven races, they will not hesitate to join parties with other races who lean toward good. They understand that some sacrifices must be made in order to do what they believe is the right thing. Of course, they still will not hesitate to remind others of their own supremacy.

Tunare is the most sacred deity for the high elves, though some follow other gods. You may find those who worship Erollisi or Mithaniel Marr, Karana or Solusek Ro among their number.

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