The Iksar are an intelligent race of lizardmen inhabiting various locales on the continent of Kunark. The god Cazic-Thule created them during the Elder Age, and they began a tribal existence on Kunark thousands of years in Norrath's past. Eventually, they united to form a massive empire, which later collapsed, leaving behind an intricate and proud history as well as a rich setting for adventurers to explore.

The Iksar have a background that most races would consider evil in nature, in that conquest, enslavement, and general war and destruction were the norm. With that said, there are those who have chosen not to blindly follow in the path of their ancestors and are more or less neutral in their views of the world and its inhabitants.

The Iksar have an interesting variety of classes available to them due to their unique history and circumstances. Their current tribal nature limits their general mystic abilities to the shamanic arts, yet the fallen Iksar Empire's strong involvement in necromancy allows them to choose the path of the necromancer or shadowknight. They are also afforded the special opportunity that, until now, was limited only to the human race: Iksar may become monks. Their unique reptilian body type gives Iksar monks special magically enhanced attacks. And, of course, what warlike race would not have an abundance of warriors?

These scaly beasts make up for the humans' complete rejection of Cazic-Thule. There are no agnostic Iksar, nor are there any who worship any other deity.

Available Classes

Shadow Knight

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