Ogres are incredibly massive beings. With an average height of approximately 10' and weight well over four hundred pounds, they are truly immovable objects. Due to their size, they are the strongest of all the races and are tied with trolls in pure stamina. Conversely, they are the least intelligent race, whose lives consist mostly of smashing things and eating them.

An ogre's strength is its strength. With the ability to use heavy weapons, ogres become either warriors or shadowknights. Whether they truly understand their vocations, the smarter races have not yet decided. But, thanks to the mystery of evolution, an ogre is sometimes born with a bit more smarts, and may decide--or fall into by mistake--the profession of shaman.

Never let the ogre's dull personality and lower intelligence mislead you into thinking they are harmless. Ogres are ruthless killers, and like trolls, will eat what they kill. The best way to make friends with an ogre is to feed him your left hand. He'll stay with you until he gets the rest.

Ogres generally worship their creator, Rallos Zek, though some feel themselves drawn to Cazic-Thule.

Available Classes

Shadow Knight

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