There are a variety of skills in EverQuest, and learning and developing those skills are the keys to a character's success in the game. How a skill works in game depends on the type of skill. Some skills are triggered automatically, while others are used at the player's discretion. Also, some skills are very general and shared by all, while others are specific to certain races and classes. In general, the more the character attempts to use a skill, the better he or she will become at it. The following is a list of several skills, including a short description of each. Keep in mind, however, that this list is intentionally incomplete - some skills are limited to individual classes, some to players over a certain level and some are simply more obscure and difficult to learn. It will be up to the player to discover them as they explore the world of Norrath.

Casting Skills

Combat Skills

Other Skills

Bard Skills

Trade Skills

You can always raise a class-specific or race-specific skill (Poison Making for rogues, Alchemy for shaman, Tinkering for gnomes) to its maximum if you are the right class or race. Also, taking one of these skills over 200 before a general tradeskill will not prevent you from later taking another skill over 200.


  • Common
  • Barbarian
  • Erudian
  • Elvish
  • Dark Elvish
  • Dwarvish
  • Troll
  • Ogre
  • Gnomish
  • Halfling
  • Thieves Cant
  • Old Erudian
  • Elder Elvish
  • Froglok
  • Goblin
  • Gnoll
  • Combine
  • Elder Teir'Dal
  • Lizardman
  • Orcish
  • Faerie
  • Dragon
  • Elder Dragon
  • Dark Speech
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