Trolls typically stand about 8' tall, are extremely strong, ugly, stupid, dirty, and green of skin. With such characteristics, one can only assume that trolls are not pleasant folk. That assumption would be correct. The troll has the natural ability to regenerate, which makes them troublesome to kill.

Trolls bask in the glory of killing, eating their kills, and killing some more. They do this not out of instinct but out of purely evil motives. Their dark hearts pump malice and the need to destroy that which is not troll. They won't mess with ogres, though, as ogre meat is not good eating. If they could get away with it, they would dine on dark elves too (dark elves do not let them get away with it).

Being such evil beings, trolls pick up the weapons of a warrior, or follow the dark path of the shadowknight. Occasionally a troll with more than a minimum level of wisdom may become a shaman.

Troll faith may be less than sophisticated, but their deities don't require much more than that they behave according to their nature. Their gods are Cazic-Thule, Innoruuk and Rallos Zek.

Available Classes

Shadow Knight

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