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Allakhazam's Magical Realm

Circa november 2001:

Circa june 2001:

Circa may 2001:

Circa march 2001:

Circa 2000:

Item list by zone:

Item list by zone:

Quest list (by item/zone/faction):

Quest list (by item/zone/faction):

Comments: The first four links will show three rather functional mirrors of Allakhazam at the end of the "Classic" period. From these you can access many lists and interesting info, notably a full bestiary and quest list by zone, complete with loot table etc. The fourth link shows an old version of Allakhazam (circa 2000) where you can access equipment lists before they made it subscribers only. The fifth and sixth links both show only items by zones. The two final links will let you search for quests by item rewards, zones and faction (remember to scroll all the way down or you won't see the results).


Comments: Good class pages and skill caps.


Comments: Still up and running after all these years, EQ Atlas features many relevant information, notably a list of monsters, notable NPCs and unique (rare) items all sorted by zones.


Comments: Everlore never had the most accurate information but it did feature a nice item list complete with stats and source.

Anezka's Faction Guide:

Al'Kabor(EQMac) Spell data

Lots o' Data

Class, Race, Deity, Skill descriptions can be found here. As well as a TON of other cool stuff.

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