Wood Elf


Wood elves (also known as Fier'Dal) appear somewhat human at first glance, but their very sharp features and pointed ears set them apart. Elves are weaker than humans, but more than make up for this with their amazing agility and superior dexterity. They are intelligent and wise, and quite charismatic. Wood elves make their homes high up in the trees, which provide them with not only safety but also a view of their cherished woodlands.

Being in tune with nature, wood elves gravitate toward "nature" professions. Their high charisma, dexterity, and agility come in handy for those who hear the call of the muse and become bards. Their admiration and respect for nature allows them to serve as druids, or become rangers. Of course, a strong arm is sometimes needed, so some Fier`Dal become warriors. And, too, it would be such a waste not to put that high dexterity and agility to proper use, so the wood elf makes for a very talented rogue.

Wood elves consider themselves a beautiful people, but that beauty does not inflate their egos as it would the high elves. They are generally liked by most races, but dark elves, Iksar, ogres, and trolls would much rather turn them on a spit than speak to them.

Wood elves, particularly the bards among them, may follow one of a variety of deities, though they all tend to be the more benevolent sort. Most worship their "mother" Tunare.

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